The Adoption Game Workshop 


Assume the role of Change Lead for your organisation. We will give you the tools to win over demanding stakeholders, engage tricky end users, clear the hurdles of limited budget, time constraints and handle some unexpected events.


We are currently planning our next set of Adoption Game workshop dates, please register your interest below to be shortlisted for future events!

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What you will learn 

Core Adoption & Change Principals

Obtain the core approaches and frameworks for what is important to realise the value of Office 365.

How to deal with Adoption Blockers & Challenges

Throughout the game you will learn how to manage adoption resources and maximise adoption activities.

Develop an Adoption and Change Plan  

We build on the early session, and develop and adoption and change plan for your organisation.

How to sustain Adoption of Office 365

A round table discussion will follow the Adoption Game, and provide you with clear next steps.

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Who should attend?   

Organisations who have deployed or embarking with Office 365 within their work environment.

Influential members within their organisation who believe in change and can drive it home.

Our Feedback

“Incredibly useful, it made me understand change and adoption in a more practical way which has allowed me to make sense of it a lot more.

“Made adoption fun!”

“Interesting, educational and thought provoking”

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