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Targeted Adoption Services


Targeted Adoption Service

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We drive adoption of Office 365 applications by focusing on specific point solutions and scenarios. A few examples of this are; Skype for Business to Teams transitions, going paperless with PowerApps or engaging your colleagues with Yammer.

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30 Day Targeted Adoption Service


Adoption Strategy

During a series of workshops, interviews and focus groups we will gauge exactly what you and your end users want from Office 365. We will then create a bespoke Adoption Strategy that will ensure that all the core elements of the Adoption Plans are completely aligned to the desired business objectives.

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Adoption Plan

The Adoption Plan will outline the objectives the types, sequence and duration of activities, the materials needed and how the end-users should be engaged. Changing Social will look to ensure that all plans are built for scale, easily repeatable and can be tailored to manage any changes to Office 365.

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Optional Change Management Activities


Have an experienced Change Consultant for 30, 60 or 90 days to help drive your Adoption Plan. They will deliver a range of Change Management Activities, all of which are informed by the previous outputs in the Adoption Strategy and Planning phases. Activities might include but are not limited to:

Executive Engagement Sessions
Microsoft Teams Envision Workshop
Scenario Development
Digital Champions Management
Accessibility Awareness Workshops
Remote Adoption Coaching
End User Training
Launch Events

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