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Office 365 Adoption
for Education

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Preparing the class of 2030


Personalised learning can help 70% of students achieve more. 70% of students say the current pace isn’t right

30-40% of jobs in growth industries will require soft skills. 50% of students put them among their top priorities

Teachers get up to 30% of time back, gain insights into individual learning, and can amplify the abilities of all students.

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Changing Social will ensure you

Fully adopt and utilise Office 365 which has been offered for free by Microsoft to all students and staff.


Create more engaging learning spaces

by making it easier for students to interact with each other and their teachers.

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Technology is nothing without usage!

Technology is rendered useless if it is not being embraced by its investors. It is like you are neglecting one of your best managers who can increase efficiency, productivity and unity of their team members. Allow us to help you adopt Office 365, the team manager who can improve your workforce.

Changing Social’s free e-book will provide all the information on how we can get your institution to successfully adopt Office 365. All you have to do is sign up below to receive it, with no obligation. We also will provide you tips and information on how Microsoft and Office 365 can improve education and bolster student development.

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