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The 4 Spokes of Microsoft Teams Adoption – The Natural Way To Embrace

Teams is not just a single-function application, it is a user interface which connects and integrates all your tools in one place. Use Microsoft Teams properly and it will streamline your collaboration to no end. But that’s easier said than done. With so many options and opportunities to change the way you work, getting the most out of Teams can be a daunting task.


 As with any new adoption, you must first be clear on what your desired productivity outcomes are. A good place to find inspiration for those goals is the Microsoft Productivity Library. So, your new way of working is envisioned and you possess a real intent to deploy this change within your organisation; what’s next? You need a strategy to get you there.


Enter the Teams Wheel of Adoption.


The Teams Wheel of Adoption allows you to envisage the adoption process as the usage of Teams matures within your organisation. The principle is one of least resistance, which hopes to avoid any sense of artificial implementation: once you have targeted the areas of your working processes which you plan to optimise, the Wheel guides you through the path of least resistance from the easiest behaviours to adopt through to the most difficult, allowing organic adoption to the interface.


In the spokes of our Wheel, we have targeted four core activities that all teams perform on a daily and weekly basis. These are:


  1. Collaboration – Instant messaging, group collaboration within the same channel, co-authoring.

  2. Meetings – One-to-one, team meeting, live events.

  3. Connectors – Planner, OneNote, frequently used content (SharePoint).

  4. Automation – The manual tasks you can eliminate from your routine, recording meetings, transcribing, connecting data sources to Power BI and making sure dashboards are visible in teams for real-time decision making.


These four areas progress from the most intuitive – communicating with your colleagues – through to ones like Automation, which, by their nature, will drastically change the way you work.


However, between each of these areas there is an overlap which makes this maturation process more tangible. Once the key stakeholders have been identified within your adoption process, you must engage with them to support their transition to a new way of working. What the Teams Wheel of Adoption provides is a progressive framework which helps you manage what is a genuine sea change for your working day. Each spoke on the Wheel is designed to feed into the next so that you can take the next step as and when it feels right to do so.

 At Changing Social we have developed targeted adoption services to guarantee workloads such as Teams is fully utilised and embraced within your organisation. If you are interested, please say

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