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First #responsivecoffee in Saudi Arabia

We believe in network effects and many-to-many collaboration. Communities are what Yammer is built upon, the very nature of the product is an enabler of communities of practice. Whilst as a product we promote communities, there are also the offline elements that we believe are fundamental to driving true transformation. All over the world these community meetings are springing up.

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Blue Dots: The missed opportunity with the Green Dot approach to Change Management

For the past few years we’ve been talking about the green dot approach to change management. Essentially, this is a simple method to categorise and identify those people in an organisation who are open to change (green dots), those who are sceptical but open to change (amber dots) and those who just aren’t ready or willing to change (red dots). This approach has been useful for identifying those people who can support the change goal or mission and more importantly the ones to sidestep.

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External Messaging: Yammer’s latest innovation in breaking down silos.

There are a number of business benefits to organisations wishing to deploy and leverage an enterprise social network such as Yammer. One of which is reducing silos across the organisation to improve collaboration, communication and team work amongst cross-functional teams and geographies. Yammer have made significant developments to improve team collaboration internally and externally through deeper integrations across Office Apps, translate features and external networks.

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