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Microsoft Inspire: Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle (and how it’s applied to Changing Social)


Have you ever wondered why Changing Social’s logo is a golden circle? Well it is inspired by one of today’s most influential speakers, Simon Sinek. Sinek’s Golden Circle theory helps organisations focus on their ‘WHY’ statement, so they can differentiate themselves.

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Changing Social’s Golden Circle

To understand Changing Social's ‘WHY’ statement, we adopted an outside-in approach. The ‘what’ is always the easiest question to answer. Changing Social provides adoption and change management services for Office 365 technologies, to help end users fall in love with new ways of working. The ‘how’ of Changing Social comes from ‘knowing what good looks like’ based on our combined years of experience. This vital experience streamlines the service offering, making Changing Social fast, efficient and direct. You must have heard our ‘delivering value in days not months’ slogan by now?

In our Managing Director, Steve Crompton’s years of experience within change management he saw that only some of the largest companies could afford world-class adoption services. Businesses with a limited budget did not have access to the most effective way to accelerate their digital transformation. So Steve developed a vision for a new type of change consultancy which designs and delivers affordable and scalable adoption services for any type of organisation no matter their shape or size.  

Now let’s reverse engineer the statements to come up with a definitive pitch, Sinek style!

1.       We believe that world-class adoption services should be accessible to any organisation of any size.

2.       The way we approach this vision is by designing our service offerings to be people focused and deliver value in days not months, making it cost and resource effective.

3.       Changing Social are Office 365 adoption specialists who ensure your digital transformation success by making people fall in love with new ways of working.

Can you see the impact when you start with why not what? By telling your story from its roots, a more compelling value statement will be broadcasted to your potential customers, ensuring trust and ultimately sales.


Simon Sinek codified this mindset that leads to success. By tapping into the part of the brain that controls decision making and language, the ‘why’ statement is better understood and resonates further with your target market. If this is new to you, I hope that you can take this away and apply it to your own business model!

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