Achieving operational excellence with Microsoft Teams

  • Size of Organisation: < 100

  • Scope of Work: Teams

  • Strategic Goals: To increase collaboration and communication and reduce non-value add activities.

A coffee roastery based in the UK has had meteoric growth to multi-million pound revenues year on year. What was once a small family operated business is now supplying some of the most prestigious brands around the world with coffee beans and wholesale goods. 

The company continues to grow, however communication and technology has not been able to scale as the company has grown. Changing Social was employed to review it's communications and collaboration tools and implement new ways of working to help the business achieve it's ambition 2020 corporate strategy. 

As a result of the discovery workshop Changing Social has recommended the use of Microsoft Teams as a way of improving team work and collaboration within the organisation. Below are a few ways in which we've identified core business scenarios to achieve operational excellence.  

  1. Creating Teams and Channels to reduce the amount of unnecessary communications and to ensure efficient flow of comms.

  2. Teams channel for sharing ideas, use Microsoft Planner to turn these ideas, in to projects and value added creations.

  3. Replace Zendesk for inbound sales leads. Create a Inbound Sales Channel in the Sales Team.

  4. A Team for all HR related documents and policies.

  5. A group for all office chat, lunch, socials and bants. To reduce the reliance on Whatsapp, this will help reduce the amount that Whatsapp is used.

  6. Work with external parties such as marketing and web agencies to share content, store files, and iterate on marketing and web collateral.

  7. Plan trade events using Planner and ensure that all aspects of the events are planned and tracked

  8. Create news tabs for our large customers, this will ensure that the road team can see up to date information on their clients.

  9. Create Team with customers who have gone through the barista training certifications. Upload videos, training materials and engage with CCR.

  10. Use StaffHub to request and track holidays, all employees can have visibility of teams resources.