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5 things we are excited to gain from Microsoft Inspire 2019

Microsoft Inspire - the biggest Microsoft event of the year is taking place from July 14th 2019, drawing thousands of attendees from across the globe.  Microsoft Inspire offers an incredible opportunity for Microsoft Partners to connect, collaborate and learn about the latest innovations. Our team at Changing Social has put together a list of the top 5 outcomes we hope to gain from the extravaganza.   

1.     Learn new ways of working & thinking

At Changing Social we believe that one never stops learning. Although we are change management experts, there is always more we can learn by listening to other people’s insights and experiences. Inspire offers hundreds of sessions tackling the latest innovations. The topics are split into Microsoft’s core themes of: Modern Workplace, Business Applications, Data & AI and finally Applications & Infrastructure.

This means there is a session for everyone. At Changing Social we are particularly excited about Microsoft Teams and how it enables better ways of working as well as the impact it has on employee engagement.

2.     Connect with existing contacts

With Inspire being the biggest Microsoft event, it is a great opportunity for us to reconnect with old friends and our Partners. Building and maintaining relationships is of great importance to us as it offers exciting collaborative opportunities. The world is becoming more digital with each day so it’s easy to stay connected, but still nothing beats a face-to-face interaction!

3.     New Contacts

Inspire pulls the very best people from around the globe (40,000 in fact!). We hope to leverage this by meeting with as many innovative Microsoft Partners as possible over the 4 days – no rest for the wicked! Satya Nadella’s heavy focus on collaboration over competition inspires us to work with other people and organisations who we feel share Changing Social’s brand values, leading to potential future partnerships and joint offerings.

4.    Partner ecosystem from Microsoft

Getting an idea of Microsoft’s areas of focus for the next fiscal year will be an important part of Inspire for us. These areas of focus will help us to guide our aims and goals for the coming year and gain greater insights into this continually changing industry.

We know Microsoft is heavily pushing the adoption of Office 365 Microsoft Teams within the modern workplace, so we are keen to see what new innovations they have put in place to make the product even better! Microsoft’s Co-Sell program which generated $8 billion in contracted Partner revenue within 18 months is sure to have some interesting developments on additional partner support. 

5.    Speakers

Inspire boasts an impressive array of keynote speakers such as author, Simon Sinek and disability rights advocate, Rebecca Alexander. It’s always been a dream for us to see Simon Sinek. He has influenced how projects are delivered here at Changing Social through his Golden Circle theory -read how we incorporated that theory into our brand here. His insights into leadership and sustaining organisational success helps us strive to be the best change management practice for both clients and employees. We cannot wait for his talk on the ‘Infinite Game’ and how to refrain from having a finite mindset when it comes to business, its sure to inspire us.

Satya Nadella is also on the must-see list. Having observed the changes since his CEO announcement in 2014 we are keen to see him discuss Microsoft’s mission, worldview and solutions.

Satya Nadella.jpg

For all these reasons we are excited to attend Microsoft Inspire. If you are also attending reach out to us and let’s work on a partnership! Get in contact following the button below or email to book a meeting.

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