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Improving customer experience in retail, when no one really cares.

  • Size of Organisation: 15K+

  • Scope of Work: Strategy & Adoption Services

  • Strategic Goals: To ensure that retail outlets were staffed accordingly and that swapping shifts between employees was a seamless online experience

There are a number of external factors affecting the fast food industry at the moment. This particular organisation are undergoing a rebrand to reposition themselves in the market as a healthier option as some of it competitors and really wanted to focus on customer experience. 

Given the demographic of their employees over 60% part time or under the age of 21, they experienced a high staff turnover and unplanned absences. As a result the customer experience was suffering; customers waited longer to be seated, tables weren't cleaned thoroughly and customer satisfaction fell.

To overcome some of these issues a Yammer group was embedded to a customer webpart in SharePoint that allowed shift swapping to be seamless as well as employees to discuss and swap shifts that suited them better. 

Steve CromptonComment