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Implementing an ESN in a UK Retail Bank

  • Size of Organisation: 100K+
  • Scope of Work: Strategy Scoping Services (Proving the business case)
  • Strategic Goals: See value in multiple areas within three months
  • Users Attitudes: 67% open to using ESN's for team collaboration & 76% open to ESN to engaging with the business and working out loud

This project was personally, exceptionally rewarding for me, as I created an change and engagement scorecard to determine the impact of the change. The results were astonishing! 

The retail bank was looking to prove a business case to the CTO that Enterprise Social Network would enable collaboration and improve process efficiencies. All scoping exercises were completed within two and a half weeks. The activities carried out during this time, involved identifying key business drivers, user research (surveys and interviews) to gain an insight to user behaviours and their propensity for change. 

Over 25 high value opportunity areas were uncovered and a number of use cases are being implemented today that focus on team collaboration internally and externally with suppliers and partners.