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A clash of cultures: Competition vs Collaboration. How to implement social collaboration in your sales teams

  • Size of Organisation: 2K+
  • Scope of Work: Adoption Services
  • Strategic Goals: IT led, to maximise cloud investments and to increase collaboration amongst staff.

Culturally recruitment agencies are highly pressured sales environment with a competitive and hungry demographic. Many of the recruitment consultants specialise in industry verticals and job functions and have a wealth of tacit knowledge stored. Currently there are no ways to identify experts in different areas apart from the what is on the Active Directory, so finding people who have a specific skills is exceptionally hard. 

Encouraging #weeklyupdates in Yammer that are sponsored by team leads and @mentioning their team members is a great way to start building a collaborative environment and reduce the 'knowledge is power' mentality. It's noninvasive and nonthreatening to the competitive sales staff and a good first step in becoming discoverable and searchable, which has in the past been the norm. 

The second phase of the project will involve the Enterprise Mobility Suite and ensure that there are appropriate Data Loss Prevention (DLP) measures in place to safeguard any data leakages. The plan will be to integrate the CRM data into Microsoft Office Graph to make recent and relevant documents more discoverable and searchable amongst similar industry aligned staff.