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Mergers and Acquisitions: Using Yammer to manage change

  • Size of Organisation: 45K+
  • Scope of Work: Strategy Scoping Services, Adoption and Success Services
  • Strategic Goals: Leverage employee network for collaboration amongst a number of recently acquired operational companies. 

With an aggressive growth strategy this telco is acquiring a number of organisations for market share and technological innovations. A number of staff are remote workers and are not engaged with head office as well as employees had concerns that existing technologies were reducing the impact on productivity and staff were resorting to shadow IT. 

The scoping phase of this project was entirely thorough and the executive sponsors wanted to ensure that all areas of the business were included. A great deal of time went into ascertaining the vision and high value opportunity areas that were then subjected to rigorous user research in the form of user surveys with an impressive >55% response rate and in depth interviews. 

The planning was to roll out the digital workspace, which was provided through Office 365 to departments that fulfilled a number of criteria such as; executive sponsorship, a community manager, departmental training sessions and a syndicated tax for the service. This has ensured that there is a shared risk across the group and there is the appropriate levels of buy in from the departmental and functional teams.