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The 333 Rule

I thought of the 333 rule during a workshop with an International Charity headquartered in London. Since then I've been advocating The Rule of 333 with my customers and as a result it's now considered best practices in a number of the organisations that I've worked with. Simply put, The Rule of 333 is a style structure to help users construct easily consumable posts on Enterprise Social Networks. 

-          No more than 3 paragraphs in a thread
-          No more than 3 sentences per paragraph
-          No more than 3 bullet points to summarise key points

The Rule of 333 is much more visually appealing on the eye and makes the users thread quick and easy to read than a huge block of text, increasing the likelihood of a replies and a valuable business conversation. The Rule of 333 should be enough to get your point across, although obviously this is all context based. I think the Rule of the 333 is a good starting point to help users feel comfortable with posting on Enterprise Social.

Steve CromptonComment