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Microsoft announce Yammer Networks for victims of disasters.

Last week my colleague Mark Margolis presented at the White House, in Washington DC during the Innovation for Disaster Response and Recovery event. 

Mark told a story about his journey to work on the 7th July 2005, when a suicide bomber detonated an explosive on a Train at Kings Cross tube. He describes how he was feeling after the tragic event and how he was left wondering about the families of the victims and other survivors were feeling and what support he may be able to offer. Mark continues to highlight the importance of community during these traumatic times and how Yammer has provided a support network for these families who have suffered. 

Yammer has not only provided a safe and secure platform that facilities the coming together of online communities in London, but also to those who were affected by the Bombings in Boston. 

There are a number of ways in which Yammer is currently being used to support organisations across the world in times of need. The announcement by Tony Surma CTO, and Senior Director for Microsoft's Disaster Response Programme is an example of how Yammer is changing the world. 

Steve CromptonComment