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Job Opening: Chief Curation Officer.

Summary of Role:
You will be working within the Internal Communications department to help keep all employees connected and effectively informed. You are particularly important because it can be difficult for our senior executives to ensure that all personnel stay updated regarding company messages and policies 

You will be expected to aid in creating strategic communication plans, complete with step-by-step initiatives and advice to upper management regarding methodology and the applicable time frame for each initiative 

As CCO you will possess excellent verbal and written communication skills as well as the ability to influence less than willing to cooperate stakeholders to a new way of thinking and working. You should possess an understanding of the basic elements of change management, although not essential.  

Daily Duties:

  • Coach Leadership in Social Techniques

  • Encourage a Culture of Collaboration and Cooperation between teams

  • Track successes and share even small wins

  • Curate content and share with wider or targeted audience

  • Encourage a networked approach of working


  • Being able to listen to people.

  • Being able to encourage conversation and insightful discussions.

  • Being able to influence the most stubborn stakeholders.

  • Being able to communicate messages in a creative way.

  • Having interpersonal abilities.

  • Being able to work with a team.

  • Having attention to details.

  • Being methodical and organized.

  • Having competent knowledge about company and business they are working for.

  • Being flexible and creative.

  • Having excellent written and spoken communication abilities.

  • Being proactive.

  • Having competent project management skills.

  • Being able to prioritise projects and tasks.

Education Requirements:
1st Class Hons in Common Sense 

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