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Images of Internal Communicators

In the last blog post we explored how the way in which we communicate in our personal lives is changing the way we work internally and what that means for the modern day unsung hero in Internal Communications.  

When thinking about this evolution I like to start of by explaining what a community manager is as a metaphor. I’ve applied this approach from Gareth Morgan, who wrote a book Images of Organisations based on how we perceive organisations to think about our approach to management and understand change.  

Images of Community Managers

 Takes the time to tend and to nurture a seed that with attention, care and the right conditions will continue to grow.  

With the limited tools at their disposal are able to carve beautiful statues that leave lasting legacies well beyond their time.  

Centre Midfielder (I had to work a football metaphor in) 
Is able to control the tempo of the game, working as a team to beat their competition.  

Are able to bring so many different sounding instruments and / or voices together in perfect harmony and synchronisation.

These roles are those crucial functions within the organisation that brings all elements of the organisation to work together for synergistic outputs that make us serve our networked customers more efficiently.  

This does take time and it’s unlikely that this will happen over night, but what I’m trying to illustrate is this evolution of internal communications. Ultimately, we are trying to achieve the same goals, but in a different way. 

What do you think of the Metaphors used and what others could you use to describe Community Managers? 

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