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Enterprise Social Crisis Management

In an organisational context Enterprise Social allows organisations to respond to uncertainty and fast moving environments. However we can apply the same principals to disasters and humanitarian crises so that governments, first responders, charities and of course the victims and their families are able to respond and adapt to situations through secure social channels.

There are two main areas that Enterprise Social Crisis Management supports: 

1.    Provide the capability to provision a Enterprise Social Network for First Responders and Government departments such that they are able to quickly and efficiently collaborate at all levels by removing the hierarchies of siloed communications and flattening communication channels.

2.   Provide the capability to provision a Enterprise Social Network for Survivors such that they are able to find information quickly and talk to people who share the same experience and trauma.

Many governments work with devolved organisations and under a multi-agency framework (emergency services, local government departments, victims, family members and other organisations) in order to prepare, respond and recover from an emergency. During a large scale event that might occur in multiple locations at different times it is pivotal that these organisations are able to quickly and efficiently communicate with each other. A centralised communication system is needed to facilitate the communication and collaboration between these parties at a time when key information is scarce and confusing.

·       Reduce the cost of healthcare in the victims
·       Reduce the severity of PTSD
·       Increased the recovery time of victims
·       Increased the likelihood of people returning to work and therefore any burden on tax payer
·       Increased the speed of which information is shared amongst the group
·       Provides a forum for victims to self help and support each other

How (see the diagram below): 
·      People helping each other
·      People receiving help much earlier in the process
·      The various officials have a centralised place to publish information (real-time)
·     Victims have a single place to access information (as a victim it is often difficult to know where to seek help from the various government agencies)
·       Victims can collaborate with one another to self-serve for support
·       Information can be obtained immediately

Who would use Yammer?
·       Victims
·       Family Members
·       Central Government
·       Local Government Departments
·       First Responders
·       Emergency Response Teams (Police, Ambulance, Fire, Army) 
·       Local, national and global charities
·       Local business offering support and help
·       Local, national and internal media

When would you use Yammer 
A Social Enterprise Crisis Management System could be used in the event of any disaster natural or man-made such as:

·       Acts of Terrorism
·       Disease Outbreaks (flu pandemics)
·       Earthquakes
·       Famines
·       Floods
·       Mass shootings
·       Nuclear Disasters

·     Serious incidents related to organised crime

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