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Commitment issues: Sometimes you need to walk away.

I was recently seconded to a government organisation in the Middle East to deliver the first two workshops of the Social Journey (Vision and Value) over a weeklong engagement. I’ve run these session’s countless times in the past and these are a fairly routine exercise. These workshops involve coaching and inspiring the project team (responsible for the sustained engagement over time) to see where Enterprise Social can support them in their transformation and practical walk-throughs to get started almost immediately.

Commitment issues: If there’s not a willingness to change you wont. 
What’s needed to make things work? 

1.     A commitment and willingness to learn new things. 
2.     A commitment to apply learning’s to everyday practices. 
3.     A commitment to do become self-sufficient. 

With all strong relationships, there is a commitment from both parties to invest time, resources and a willingness to make things work. A successful project requires both parties to make small step changes or iterations to their approach to contribute towards the top-level transformation. Treating this engagement as a transaction just simply doesn’t work out.