The past four weeks at Changing Social.

We launched Changing Social because many organisations aren’t equipped with the knowledge, skills or resources required to fully adopt Office 365. These are the tools that enable any organisation to embrace new ways of working and maximise the full transformational capabilities that the technology provides. 

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Job Opening: Chief Curation Officer.

You will be working within the Internal Communications department to help keep all employees connected and effectively informed. You are particularly important because it can be difficult for our senior executives to ensure that all personnel stay updated regarding company messages and policies 

You will be expected to aid in creating strategic communication plans, complete with step-by-step initiatives and advice to upper management regarding methodology and the applicable time frame for each initiative 

As CCO you will possess excellent verbal and written communication skills as well as the ability to influencer less than willing to cooperate stakeholders to a new way of thinking and working. You should possess an understanding of the basic elements of change management, although not essential.  

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Steve CromptonComment
Commitment issues: Sometimes you need to walk away.

I was recently seconded to a government organisation in the Middle East to deliver the first two workshops of the Social Journey (Vision and Value) over a weeklong engagement. I’ve run these session’s countless times in the past and these are a fairly routine exercise. These workshops involve coaching and inspiring the project team (responsible for the sustained engagement over time) to see where Enterprise Social can support them in their transformation and practical walk-throughs to get started almost immediately.

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First #responsivecoffee in Saudi Arabia

We believe in network effects and many-to-many collaboration. Communities are what Yammer is built upon, the very nature of the product is an enabler of communities of practice. Whilst as a product we promote communities, there are also the offline elements that we believe are fundamental to driving true transformation. All over the world these community meetings are springing up.

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