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Core Adoption Services

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We have designed six core out of the box offerings guaranteed to boost user adoption of your Office 365 project that will drive productivity. These services can be deployed at different stages of your Office 365 journey; whether you're just starting, a seasoned pro, or just exploring. These services are delivered by our team of experienced adoption and change experts. 

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aDoption Introduction

To get the most out of Office 365 for your organisation, driving end user adoption is key. Understanding adoption is essential to maximising your investment – we’re talking Change Management and not just an IT rollout.

Adoption Strategy

Embarking on a business venture without seeing the bigger picture is ill-advised. Rolling-out new technology across your organisation is no different. Without a clear Adoption Strategy, you risk never seeing the benefits to your business you envisioned when you first invested in Office 365.


Adoption Campaigns

Changing Social has created 12 user-centric Office 365 adoption packages in the form of campaigns that focus on the most important aspect of any adoption strategy: the tangible benefits for your business. Changing Social’s Campaigns will provide focus and impetus to achieve specific and attainable goals within your organisation.


Changing Social’s Adoption Champions Programme will accelerate any organisation’s adoption strategy by equipping your change leaders with the know-how, training and resources to mobilise their own team of Change Champions. The Adoption Champions Programme should be engaged early in your strategy, but if an organisation doesn’t have one in place, Changing Social will work to integrate it at any stage of adoption.



Changing Social approach training differently from most organisations. Whilst we are product experts across the Office 365 platform, we use real world examples and story telling to bring to life every day scenarios and create engaging and memorable training. 


Changing Social’s Adoption Diagnosis is a benchmarking exercise that uses both qualitative and quantitative analysis of end users’ behaviour. We provide key stakeholders with a comprehensive picture of their organisation’s change capabilities, with their position within the change cycle also compared to other organisations within their industry.

Focus on driving adoption of a specific application with our

Targeted Adoption Services.

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Are you transitioning from Skype for Business to Teams or just getting started?  Not sure where to begin, that's ok, this is what we do. 

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Quick Start Adoption Services

Our quick start adoption services will ensure that you have all the crucial adoption and change management plans in place so you can deliver value in days not months.

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5 or 10 day? A package for every business’s needs


Adoption Approach:

The number one reason businesses fail to succeed in adoption is because they skip their approach. By having an approach, you will understand what you really need from Office 365 and how your work culture, habits and business goals will affect the process.

Adoption Plan:

This essential stage outlines the objectives and how end-users should be engaged. The Quick Start offering provides the right templated plan for your organisation and get you going right away.

Business Engagement Sessions:

Not to be confused with staff training, business engagement sessions focus on raising awareness of change throughout your workforce. Here we demonstrate the overall positive impact Office 365 will have on their day to day working habits and how.