Changing Social

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About Changing Social.

Our mission is to make adoption and change management accessible and affordable to organisations of all shapes and sizes to enable them to create their best work.

Changing Social was formed by Steve Crompton, whilst he was working at Yammer prior to the Microsoft acquisition in 2012. Steve is passionate about Digital Transformation and the benefits this brings to organisations, his thesis at university was on the productivity factors of Enterprise Social Networks and Changing Social was his canvas for developing his ideas around organisation change management and productivity. Throughout Steve’s career at Microsoft and Yammer he continued to write and share his experiences and learnings of working with some of the worlds largest organisations. In 2018, Steve left his role at Microsoft, leading a team of Adoption and Change consultants to form Changing Social to help organisations realise the vales of Office 365 in days, not months.

How we do, what we do.

We are a group of passionate and experienced Prosci change practitioners who have a breadth of industry experience with deep expertise in Microsoft technologies and change management concepts. Our specialty is combing this knowledge and experience in to simple and eloquent change management tactics that result in a faster time to adoption of Microsoft technologies. Our unique and creative approach, helps our customers achieve faster results and ensures that they are equipped with the skills and knowledge to lead change in an evergreen and constantly changing digital landscape.

What we do.

In every engagement, workshop, presentation we bring our creativity, energy and passion to your organisation.

  • Develop world-class adoption services

  • Gamify Adoption and Change Management

  • Targeted Adoption Services

  • Work with partners to bring exponential value